It all started with a
Dinner Party

We are passionate about Dinner Parties and we hope you are too

The idea originated in our New York City apartment with close friends and evolved into regular dinner parties where strangers were welcome. Hence The Dinner Table was born.

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We're a small team of New Yorkers ready to give other New Yorkers big experiences.

There's no city that feels faster than New York City. With as much culture and cuisine as it has, we wanted to bring that together for other New Yorkers in an intimate setting, and a curated vibe. We like to set the mood with candles, locally sourced flowers for tablescapes, crafted dinners and drinks, all within a space that you may not have typically seen yourself having a dinner in. We love to meet new people, and create an environment for others to meet as well. When the outside feels busy, we want people to take it slow and enjoy themselves all at The Dinner Table.

Here at The Dinner Table, our goal is to celebrate connection, cuisine and culture. We do this to ensure that you, our guest, are enjoying yourself. With that being said, we would be thrilled to see you at our next event. And if you've already been to one of our events, welcome back!

With Love,

The Dinner Table Team